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Organizational Culture and the influence on Enterprise Architecture

May 16, 2012

When looking into the topic of Enterprise Architecture it’s a common mistake that it is only about the rational element of change within an organisation. Enterprise culture and the will to change cannot be forgotten in the equation. The past few weeks we’ve been talking about the maturity of Service-Oriented Architecture and creating Roadmaps in […]

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SOA Maturity Models

May 15, 2012

The past few weeks we’ve been talking about Service-Oriented Architecture and Maturity. But how do we do assessments to measure the maturity? What models are there that we can use. In a presentation I will talk about two major models that are here today that we can use. A model from The Open Group and […]

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The Maturity of a Service-Oriented Architecture

March 6, 2012

When talking Service-Oriented Architecture, we all have our specific view on things. This perception means that we can never have a full blown focus on where the complete architecture is headed to. Going from ‘service bus centric development’ to the utopia that’s a context-driven, event based organization. SOA isn’t something we achieve overnight. It isn’t […]

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Principles of Service-Oriented Architecture

February 21, 2012

Today I hosted a session on the Principles of Service-Oriented Architecture for my colleagues at Capgemini. A very interesting session because everyone had a very clear view on the Oracle SOA Suite and a technical background. What we wanted to do was creating a common view on what a Service-Oriented Architecture is, what the benefits […]

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Oracle OpenWorld 2011: Oracle Application Express within Oracle SOA Suite

October 4, 2011

This week is Oracle OpenWorld 2011. Yesterday afternoon I gave my session on incorporating Oracle Application Express within the Oracle SOA Suite. Because of the large amount of questions I got to publish my presentation online, here it is.

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SOA: Does it matter what happens underground?

April 14, 2011

When talking Service-Oriented Architecture, technology is quite often the thriver behind the discussion. Why is this? Isn’t focussing on services and process orchestration enough food for thought? In other words: does it matter what happens underground? Okay,  not completely correctly formulated. Of course we need to know what happens underneath the processes and what the […]

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