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Project Management

Standardized IT-platforms are essential for Business Agility

February 21, 2012

There’s a lot to do about Business Agility in our line of work (I realize I do a large assumption here, but I guess a save one). Software Development is more and more about facilitating change for the business. This is, as I see it, an essential move forward. But when looking at agility, we […]

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Agile Software versus Agile Software Development

August 5, 2011

We’ve talked about it here before; Agile Software is not the same thing as Agile Software Development. Of course, one of the hottest topics possible these days in Agile Software Development. Recently we even learned that Agile Software Development has become the mainstream development method. But this is not why we develop. It’s just the […]

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Agility as a Goal, not as Means

December 14, 2010

Agile. Within the Software Development business we look at the principle mostly as a way to deliver functional solutions to the business. Agile Software Development. But rarely we look at the solution itself to be agile. Is this the right way to look at our business? Isn’t the solution itself the highest goal? (Which, in […]

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Governmental ICT waste

September 22, 2010

Last week I wrote an article for one of the large Dutch newspapers following the news about a 12 million euro project gotten killed . Unfortunately the article was too specialistic to be actually placed in the paper. But that also means that I now have the opportunity to publish it here on I […]

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The Ambiguity of Large Scale Projects

September 10, 2010

Although most of us realize that projects need to get smaller. Actual small IT projects barely exist. When we look at integration and migration projects. Designing new Business processes and aligning technological solutions to mach those, we open a large number of organizational challenges. Especially integration projects can contain a lot of misconceptions in the […]

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Is Business Architecture really the Basis of it All?

August 10, 2010

In most Enterprise Architecture frameworks the Business Architecture drives the Information Architecture. But is this completely accurate? Didn’t we gain some new insights over the past few years. Information, and especially technology (or IT) Architecture can drive the Business Architecture, creating new and previously unimagined possibilities for organizations. Modern IT isn’t anymore about offering the […]

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