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Technology does not create Business and IT Alignment

April 14, 2011

A common mistake that, as turns out, really needs to be disrupted: introduction of new technologies will not, I repeat, will not create Business / IT Alignment. Implementation of any new technology driven solution will, in fact, only create a larger gap between two worlds that shouldn’t be disconnected in the first place. For Business […]

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SOA: Does it matter what happens underground?

April 14, 2011

When talking Service-Oriented Architecture, technology is quite often the thriver behind the discussion. Why is this? Isn’t focussing on services and process orchestration enough food for thought? In other words: does it matter what happens underground? Okay,  not completely correctly formulated. Of course we need to know what happens underneath the processes and what the […]

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The reason why Business and IT don’t get along

October 22, 2010

Business and IT working together is supposed to be a tough challenge. But why? Is IT that complicated that we cannot make the end users understand what their gain in it will be? Or is it that we simply can’t make ourselves understandable. Both. As I said earlier, Business and IT alignment isn’t a real-live […]

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CreativITy: Reading Essentials, Part Deux

October 20, 2010

In April I wrote a blog post on what books I highly recommend reading. It was because I just had a great session at Fontys Hogeschool about Software Development and Business Alignment. Last Saturday, I had an awesome talk to some very creative people about what really does thrive Business & IT Alignment. (And if […]

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Business and IT: it’s all the same package

October 15, 2010

Business and IT Alignment; a bright idea that isn’t simply put into action. Making IT and Business work together towards a better organization or better results is, somehow, a difficult task. (Hopefully, you think is very strange, as I do). As IT is part of the Business we should all work together, in one team […]

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Does the Money Tree exist in ICT?

October 7, 2010

“show me the money…”. One of the best films ever made. But what does it have to do with IT? Or with Business and IT alignment? To be completely frank, everything. One of the main things that grasp me every day in my line of job is the total neglect of Business Case value in […]

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