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Douwe Pieter van den Bos, Strategic IT Advisor

The Makeover: After

On the CIO, CTO and IT Manager’s level Douwe Pieter shares insight in how to develop, maintain and choose IT Technologies that really matter for the Business. Coming from the world of Oracle Software Development, Linux Deployment, Information Analysis, Software Design and with an education in Technical Policy and Management, Douwe Pieter provides the knowledge that Businesses need in order to make the right choices.

The Strategic Advice on ICT implementations that Douwe Pieter works with within organizations consists of three pillars; Technology, Policy & Management and Analysis & Design. This approach to IT strategy can create a productive and sustainable environment where Business and IT work together.

In his blog Douwe Pieter will discuss his own view on elements of complex ICT implementations. His blog will consist of his and others opinion on Agile Software Development, ICT Technologies and ways of implementing IT into the Business.

Douwe Pieter is a well known publicist and speaker at large conventions and conferences like Oracle OpenWorld and he received the Oracle ACE Award in 2010. Douwe Pieter is the Editor-in-chief of the international, independent magazine for Oracle professionals – OTech Magazine.

You can contact Douwe Pieter in various ways. He likes to be connected: