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CreativITy: Reading Essentials, Part Deux

by Douwe Pieter van den Bos on October 20, 2010 · 1 comment

Literatuur / Lundia Fetish

In April I wrote a blog post on what books I highly recommend reading. It was because I just had a great session at Fontys Hogeschool about Software Development and Business Alignment. Last Saturday, I had an awesome talk to some very creative people about what really does thrive Business & IT Alignment. (And if it actually exists, as a profession). During this conversation, we also mentioned books. And now I realized that I’ve never shared them with you.

Enterprise Architecture As Strategy, Ross, Weill, Robertson. During the Oracle Enterprise Architecture Executive Summit, Jeanne W. Ross explained how Enterprise Architecture could create a more sustainable and agile business environment. The MIT scientist explains how the Business and IT parts can move together and actually add value to the complete organization. A few things that I’m really glad about is the fact that the books states that Enterprise Architecture is a journey, not something that gets implemented overnight. As well as the fact that EA isn’t about risk and documentation, it’s about facilitating agility within the organization.

Business Model Generation, Pigneur, Ostenwalder. Co-created with over 470 professionals all over the world Business Model Generation provides us with a simple, yet effective, method on how to design a new business model. A few things in this book apply to everything we do in the IT field. It basically is the complete reference we need to build our Business Architecture. When taking a look at the way the business models are generated in this book, there’s a lot of conjunction with my own method to create a ‘talking picture’ (anyone: is this the correct phrase?) on IT projects. A lot of visualisation to help communication and outlining the needs of the project.

SPIN Selling, Rackham. I like simplicity, and this book offers it to us. Looking at the SPIN selling method, written down by Neil Rackham, it gives us a simple, yet effective method in knowing where the ‘Why’ is in the projects we do. Situation, Problem, Implication and Need Pay-off are the basics in information analysis. I’ve written a post about it.

Business / IT Fusion, Hinssen. The best book written about the concepts of alignment. (Although Peter Hinssen shows us the concept is non-existing). This book gives us completely new insights in the way IT has changed, or should change. Will not go further in the matter here, but it definitely is a must-read.

Enterprise 2.0, McAffee. When we take an in-depth look at one of the most common challenges in IT and Business these days, we look at user collaboration. In this book Andrew McAffee gives us insights in the benefits large enterprises can gain using this technology boost. A fun read and shares what new technologies and principles can actually give us.

And then there is, of course, the brilliant book Oracle Application Express Forms Converter, van den Bos.

Are there any other books that you recently read (or a long time ago) that would give us new insights in Business and IT?

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