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Does the Money Tree exist in ICT?

by Douwe Pieter van den Bos on October 7, 2010 · 0 comments

The Money Tree

“show me the money…”. One of the best films ever made. But what does it have to do with IT? Or with Business and IT alignment? To be completely frank, everything. One of the main things that grasp me every day in my line of job is the total neglect of Business Case value in the projects I encounter.

Is measuring the value of a solution essential for the path that we choose? Yes it is. In the modern days, say somewhere since 2008, we have no choice but to have a clear view on the expenses and gain on every project and IT solution we offer towards the business. Although some organizations gained a tunnel vision on cutting costs. They actually have a point. But they shouldn’t look to just the costs of the project. But also to what the organization will gain from it. Where’s the value?

Measurement is everything. You might not agree. But it’s the most simple thing on earth to know if you’re doing a good job. In IT projects it’s not different. And the most global understood and recognized measurement of all is money. It’s that simple.

Terms like ROI, Business Case and TCO suddenly jump to my mind. But I think it’s more simple than that. When looking at IT projects and the way we govern them we should look into the gains versus costs of the project. Within the iterations that we work in. 

What does the performance of our system cost us in lost revenue? How many customers do we loose if we don’t get ahead of competition? How much money is to be gained in the clear objective of this project?

And more if you think about it. 

Now to the quote you can all kick at: “If we can’t measure it in hard nickel, we will never be able to get it done.”

What do you think? Is money everything? 

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