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The Future of Office Productivity is in The Cloud

by Douwe Pieter van den Bos on February 2, 2010 · 0 comments

The Sky is the Limit

There has been a lot to do about the Oracle acquisition of Sun Microsystems. I’ve found it an appealing time and last weeks announcements have been great. It’s all about innovation and more and more research and development. Oracle, or at least it seams that way, really is into it for the win.

One great example is the future of the Suite. Oracle now has a fully fledged office suite in hand that makes them an even bigger competitor for Microsoft. To say that they now have their missiles aimed at the software giant is a bit too much in my opinion, but for the enterprise solutions part it certainly makes a point.

With ‘Oracle Cloud Office’ Oracle will develop a complete office suite, based on open standards, that will be tightly integrated with other Oracle parts of their enormous stack, Mainly integration with Oracle’s BI Suite, OBIEE, and WebCentre Suite will mean some great changes. Now user interaction will be even better. Especially the potential with integration, somewhat like the integration of Microsoft Office and SharePoint Server, will set the lines.

The new, soon to be expected if we might want to believe the rumors, Oracle Cloud Office Suite, there will be a complete orifice suite that works on the desktop (all operating systems as OpenOffice does now), the web (I hope it will work as great as Google Apps) and mobile (let’s hope for an iPad application). This means it will become the first office suite that will work on every platform. Especially, with the integration of WebCentre, with all your content on every platform.

When there will be large choice in connectors and extensions available for the new Office Suite, which can be developed in Oracle Jdeveloper, the horizon stretches further and further. What can you all do when we have connectors to the Oracle Database, SOA integration, tightened integration with Oracle BI and BI Publisher? What to think of a complete mashup with an Office Suite and Oracle Application Express? Wow, the thoughts and possibilities are endless.

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